Vintage fabrics with crazy prints from second hand bed linens and





jersey off-cuts:

Our products are designed to use

even the smallest scraps; we aim to leave 1-5% waste fabrics, in contrast to a conventional factory which makes 10-40% waste. 


naturally dyed

and handwoven cotton and hemp fabrics, sourced from sustainable

businesses in the




Naturally dyed fabric handwoven by weavers in Cambodia’s Takeo Province

Organic, hand made reed mats are used to stiffen  bags instead of

plastic and


Vintage buttons and findings collected from local tailors and second-hand clothing shops

Custom ceramic buttons made from natural local clay and beads made from re-claimed wood.

Natural dyes, made of local and non-toxic materials, 80% of which are so safe that they are edible.

Packing made from 100%

recycled materials, including cardboard swing tags, our own hand-made papers, and sale bags made from product sacks.

We’re just as concerned as you about where we get our materials and who makes them. We’re actually really concerned. So here’s a breakdown of where our materials come from and how we use them. We also do a lot of recycling, and try to use our materials efficiently - and we hope you’ll do the same - your KeoK’jay garments are well-made,  so the style and quality will hold up throughout several seasons!

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